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Price: $14.95 USD
4 fl.oz. (120ml)

The perfect answer to thinning hair is the revolutionary Millefolium Protein Hair Expander with a heat activation complex.

It penetrates hair shafts with Protein to nourish each individual hair strand from within, and creates thickness, strand by strand.

Millefolium Protein Hair Expander is part of the Millefolium line of technologically advanced products for hair, skin and body care.

Millefolium Protein Hair Expander provides all hair types with never before achieved thickness, body and natural shine.

Millefolium Protein Expander volumizes hair without flaking, stiffness or stickiness, while fortifying hair to prevent breakage and dryness. Reduces the area of exposed scalp.

Directions for Use

Wash hair, apply a small amount of hair expander to the palm of your hand, rub hands together and apply it to the thinning area(s). Comb through. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

Let expander set in hair for about three minutes. Use heat from a blow dryer to activate the hair expander. Style your hair as usual.

See results after one application. Please note that for optimal performance you have to use a blow dryer to activate Expander.

Price: $14.95 USD
4 fl.oz. (120ml)

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