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FabulanTM Topical Shader


None irritating and moisturizes scalp!

Price: $29.95 USD
0.6oz. Net weight 17g

The answer to thinning hair or bald spots!

  • Easy Application! Clean and precise.
  • Waterproof! You can jog or swim with it.
  • Looks better! Makes you look better that any other product.
  • Cheaper to use! It is a solid so it lasts longer. Average up to 4 months.
  • Small and portable enough! You can go with it where no other product can be taken. Ex. Airplanes etc.
  • Excellent for frontal hair lines and side area.

Fabulan Topical Shader is a hair loss, hair thickening topical shading product. It is recommended for all types of hair loss, hair thickening or scalp concealing, whether it is male pattern of baldness or alopecia. It is a hard packed powdered formula and contains only safe FDA approved ingredients colorants and no hair dye.

Dual action thickening and concealing. It gives the appearance of thicker hair instantly. It works by giving added density and fullness to thin hairs. Also it colors the scalp effectively ending scalp show through. It can be blended in gradually and where you need it.

Fabulan Topical Shader can be used by men and women with any hair color. Can be also applied on hairlines and grey roots.

Fabulan Topical Shader will not block pores or interfere with normal hair growth. It is compatible with topical treatment. Fabulan Topical Shader resists water and is safe to use in wet and humid weather but can be easily removed by shampooing. It comes in a range of 10 colors that can be easily matched to your hair color.

Directions for Use

1. Fabulan Topical Hair Shader is applied to a clean dry / slightly damp scalp and hair.
- Moisten applicator with tap water.
- With slight pressure, rub applicator using circular motion in the container until a generous amount of powder has accumulated at the end.

2. Rub firmly by pressing applicator against your scalp and hair in the area to be covered.
- Color one section at a time.
- Blend into surrounding area for a natural continuous appearance.
- If more color is needed, repeat above steps.
- Apply color from back of the head to front. (stop about ½ inch before hairline)
- For a natural hairline application, rub along the edge of the colored area, making sure the color gets lighter as you get to the front of the head.

3. Once coverage is acheived, brush / comb hair thoroughly while still damp.
- This helps to thicken and coat hair by distributing the powder.
4. Dry hair naturally or by using a blow dryer on low heat / speed.
5. Once completely dry, brush hair thoroughly to remove any excess loose powder.
- To avoid getting powder on your clothes, wrap and old towel around shoulders.
- Clean applicator by washing with small amount of dishwashing liquid.
- Stand applicator up to dry.
- Wipe off any excess powder on forehead or neck with tissue.
- Fabulan Topical Hair Shader can be removed by shampooing.

FabulanTM Topical Shader


Removed by any shampoo

Avoid conditioners

FabulanTM Topical Shader Color Guide:
(Please note that colors will appear different on various monitors, phones, etc.)

Very Dark Brown:
Black base color with some deep brown highlights
Dark Brown:
Deep brown color with black highlights (dark walnut)
Medium Brown:
light to medium brown color with very slight blond highlights
Light Brown:
light brown color with some blond highlights
reddish wine color
Dark Blonde:
light golden brown color with blond highlights
blend of light honey and ashier blond
Silver Grey:
deep gray, darkest gray
true white (no yellowish tint) like angel hair

Price: $29.95 USD
0.6oz. Net weight 17g

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