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FabulanTM Spray


Price: $39.95 USD
4 fl oz. (120ml 98g)

Fabulan SprayTM is suitable for any of the following hair conditions.

  • Light to medium bald spots
  • Fine and/or thinning hair
  • Thinning hair all over the crown
  • Thinning hair after pregnancy or illness
  • Alopecia Aerate conditions
  • Hair transplant patients, users of Propecia, Minoxidil, users of similar formulas consult your physician before using this product

NEW! FabulanTM Spray Powder

Fabulan Spray Powder is the only hair thickener on the market that uses a European-designed, patented dispenser to give continuous, fine mist spray, without the useage of gas propellants. Air pressure is built up by using the cap with integrated piston as a pump. One pressurization fo the can is good for at least one or two applications. The spray may then be released and it is fintertip controlled.

We are pleased to introduce a new generation of propellant-free, colored hair thickener.

Important Advantages of the Fabular Spray Powder dispenser:

  • Environmentally harmless due to the absence of gas propellants and it is safe to use.
  • Because the dispenser is not pressurized, unlike the aerosol type, no special safety precautions are required during transport and storage.
  • Easy fingertip controlled application.
  • Less overspray, more precise application.
  • Less wastage of product.
  • No exposure to fumes or smell during application.
  • Softer touch after application, due to the absence of propellants.

Fabulan Spray uses a European designed patented dispenser to give continuous fine mist spray without the use of gas propellants. Air pressure is build up in the bottle by using the cap with integrated piston as a pump. One pressurization of the bottle is good for at least one or two applications. The spray bottle can then be released and it is fingertip controlled.

Fabulan Spray is the answer to thinning hair problems in both men and women. This remarkable colored spray will effectively cover any light to medium bald spots for men and solves thinning hair problems for women.

Directions for Use

1. Hold container at a slight angle and shake with a gentle movement 3 times only.

2. In an upright position, pump over cup of container up and down to create internal pressure until you meet firm resistance. Repeat the above procedure before each use.

3. Spray at a distance of no more than 3 to 3 inches (7-10cm) only.

4. Spray evenly and continuously over the thinning area.

5. Avoid spraying in eyes, nose, mouth or ears!

6. Color is highly concentrated. Avoid over-spraying.

7. Let hair dry completely, then lightly brush hair into place with a course-tooth styling brush.

FabulanTM Spray


Removed by any shampoo

Avoid conditioners

Fabulan Spray Powder resists water but may be removed by any shampoo. Use of hair conditioner is not advises, especially on the areas where Fabular Spray will be used. Hair conditioners will limit the adhesion performance.

FabulanTM Spray Color Guide:
(Please note that colors will appear different on various monitors, phones, etc.)

Very Dark Brown:
Black base color with some deep brown highlights
Dark Brown:
Deep brown color with black highlights (dark walnut)
Dark/Medium Brown:
solid dark chestnut color with black highlights
Medium Brown:
solid medium brown color with no black highlights
Light/Medium Brown:
light to medium brown color with very slight blond highlights
Light Brown:
light brown color with some blond highlights
reddish wine color
Dark Blonde:
light golden brown color with blond highlights
Medium Blonde:
golden honey color
Light Blonde:
sunny blonde color
Very Light Blonde:
whitish, almost platinum blonde
Silver Grey:
deep gray, darkest gray
true white (no yellowish tint) like angel hair

More information about Fabulan SPRAY

After applying Fabulan Spray on your hair or scalp, regardless of your hair type your hair will look fuller and thicker in seconds.

Unique Features

Fabulan Spray is easy to apply.

Fabulan Spray, the environmentally-friendly ecological choice.

Fabulan Spray bonds securely to hair and scalp and will thicken hair and cover thinning areas. As a result your thinning area and bald spot will no longer be visible not even close-up.

Fabulan Spray uses only FDA approved, safe, non-irritating ingredients and is manufactured to the highest standards.

It comes in an elegant, easy to use container and is available in 15 extraordinary colors. The colors are so real that you can surely find the right color to match your own natural hair color.

Price: $39.95 USD
4 fl oz. (120ml 98g)

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