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FabulanTM Colored Foam Hair Thickener


None irritating and moisturizes scalp!

Price: $39.95 USD
4oz. Net weight 120g

For use on thinning hair, thinning hair in a broad area. Adds density and increased texture to thinning hair. Provides overall coverage for extreme thinning hair.

FABULANTM foam is the answer to extreme thinning hair problems in both men and women.


  • Dual function: Covers bald spots - Adds density and texture to thinning hair
  • The only product currently available on the market for overall coverage for extreme thinning hair
  • FABULANTM foam resists water but can easily be removed by shampooing
  • Thickens and conditions thinning hair
  • Bonds securely to hair and scalp. As a result thinning hair bald spots will no longer be visible
  • Super concentrated, packed with concentrated colors
  • 90-day supply (depending on the size area and frequency of use)
  • Wide choice of colors

Directions for Use

1. Comb hair away and upward to expose scalp and thinning area(s).

Note: Latex gloves may be used for application, however if gloves are not used, the foam can be easily washed off from hands by shampooing. Use only shampoo to remove product.

2. Shake container very well and turn it upside down.

3. Press spout sideways to dispense small amount of foam onto your index finger.

4. Apply product with your finger, evenly throughouto thinning area, until all exposed areas are colored evenly.

Make sure that you do not rub off the product from the scalp.

5. If color coverage is not enough, apply some more.

6. Before applying product on the affected area, you can experiment with the coverage and color on the palm of your hand.

7. Do not rub the application area before product is fully dry.

8. Once application is completelky dry, brush and blow dry your hair thoroughly.

FabulanTM Foam Color Guide:
(Please note that colors will appear different on various monitors, phones, etc.)

Very Dark Brown:
Black base color with some deep brown highlights
Dark Brown:
Deep brown color with black highlights (dark walnut)
Dark/Medium Brown:
Solid brown color with no black highlight
Medium Brown:
light to medium brown color with very slight blond highlights
Light Brown:
light brown color with some blond highlights
Dark Blonde:
light golden brown color with blond highlights

Price: $39.95 USD
4oz. Net weight 120g

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